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Be part of the Arcanum

NFT's are a growing commonity with the virtual landscape . Once the technology arrives to transfer elements across Verses the value of these contracts will develop into a valuable asset. 

A.I Divine's NFT's will strive to be on the forefront of this technology.

NFT types will include


VR Experiences

360 Flythru's 

Immersive Virtual Domeshows 

Real world holographic display systems

A.I Divine NFT's will include ways to own a fraction/piece of each character and the value that that character brings to the Arcanum. Any monetary value associated with that character for the live of that character will be shared across all fractional owners . Products ,concerts,movies that that character participates in and generates revenue will be spread across the chain


Unique NFT contracts , own a part of the characters life and profit across multiple properties



Get your Sigil on


Power up as you move thru the Arcanum
buy 1 of these NFT's that allow greater axcess to powers and prestige .Get  one of the first NFT enhanced Runic Sigils droppping soon. 


Gods and Goddess


Which God or Gods will you pray to to help you complete your missions as you transverse the Arcanum. Get new superpowers now the next drop is happening in 3 days ...