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Immersion is the new frontier





Imers.aVerse is the next level in immersive entertainment live venue experiences. Beyond the square box room and the half dome we are designing multi-dimensional volumetric journey's that the experiencer moves thru 

The  Characters

Poster Designs / Marketing Material

All Marketing material and promotional content avail soon

Subscription Model

Buy a 1 year Subscription for all updates and auxillory movies. Each movie will have loops avail for playing at your own parties .


Awakened Soul

Learn real world useful tools that will strengthen your mind body and soul  that will help you as you deal with the chaos of the world today


VR Experience coming soon

Fall into the Metaverse of the Arcanum . Surf the Zuvuya , race thru CyberShamanic worlds of wonder and ancient wisdoms as you reach for the next level of Human evolution

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Location Based Rides

Coming Soon to a immersive location  near you 

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